10 Human Test Dummies Who Made a Career Out of Getting Their Cans Kicked

Enjoy these 10 incredible stories of human test dummies who turned pain into their profession!

Reggie Strickland is a former professional boxer who competed in 363 fights, an extremely large number compared to most of his contemporaries. He lost 276 of those fights, making him the boxer with the most losses in history.

Jeff Hardy is known as one of the WWE’s biggest risk takers. There’s little he won’t do for the spectacle, and has taken numerous high profile tumbles.

Troy Hurtubise was a Canadian inventor who patented his indestructible “Grizzly Suit.” He showed it off in numerous tests that saw him get hit by hundreds of pounds of force, and take tumbles down cliff-sides.

Mick Foley was a WWE wrestler known for taking risks, including getting thrown off the top of the infamous “Hell in a Cell” structure. He suffered many injuries across his career, and even lost part of an ear.

Frank “Cannonball” Richard was a World War I soldier who realized he had the ability to endure physical punishment far beyond the normal amount. He made a career of shooting himself in the stomach with cannon balls.

Marty “The Secret Weapon” McSorley is a former NHL “enforcer” with the most penalty minutes all time of any player. It’s safe to say that this guy packed a hit, and could take one too.

David Blaine is far from the first magician in history to pair physical danger with tricks, but he has made quite the career out of it. He famously dislocated his shoulder taking a high tumble into cardboard boxes.

“Jackass” was a show specifically designed around seeing which cast member could endure the most grotesque challenge. Cast members preformed insane stunts, one even got bit by a shark, and there was even a challenge involving having their parts bitten by a snake. The show was extremely successful, and ran for three seasons including multiple movies.

Karel Soucek was a stuntman who went over Niagara falls in a barrel. After surviving, he commissioned a similar stunt where he would be dropped from the top of the Houston Astrodome into a pool. That drop wound up killing him.

Terry Sawchuk was an NHL goalie in the 50s and 60s, before goalies regularly wore masks. Any early hockey goalie could make this list, and Terry definitely has the face to prove it.

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