32 Brilliant Acts Of Petty Revenge

A collection showcasing the finest examples of getting even with a touch of wit. These clever acts of payback highlight the creativity and precision of those who know how to settle scores in the most entertaining ways.

I’ve Been Nerfed By The New Neighbor Kids Unarmed For The Last Time. Vengeance Will Be Swift

Southlake PD For The Win

If It’s On The Porch, It Must Be Free

Called My Wife A Sandwich Maker As She Was Making My Lunch For Work

Revenge Of The Garbage Men

For $5, This Shelter Will Write The Name Of The Person You Hate On A Cat Litter Box

Valentine’s Day At 5:30 AM Part 2: Revenge

Petty? Yes. Satisfying? Definitely. Handwriting? Horrible

Revenge Is Sweet

This Is What Happens When You Take Up Two Parking Spaces

My Two Older Children Were Trying To Lay Out All Of Their Pokémon Cards, But The Youngest Kept Intervening, So They Duct-Taped Him To A Chair

My Neighbor Took These Without Asking, So I Took Them Back And Placed Them In My Front Yard For Free

Parking In Australia

This Guy Would Always Park His Motorcycle On The Sidewalk, Blocking The Path For Wheelchair Access. I Think Someone Finally Had Enough

Bento Box Of A Japanese Husband The Day After Quarreling With His Wife

Get Up And Do Some Work, John

There Is A Road Being Built Next To My Friend’s House And Some Idiot Parked His Car There Yesterday⁠

Peak Pettiness Or Justifiable Security In The Office Kitchen?

Don’t Spy On Your Coworkers

Get Wrecked, Jim

Dave Looks Like He Hasn’t Learned The Concept Of Consequences

I Guess I Shouldn’t Have Used Her Coffee Creamer

My Buddy Saran-Wrapped My Car. This Was My Payback

Neighbor Smokes In The Balcony Outside Our Unit And Dumps His Butts On The Ground. Thought Taping A Note To His Front Door Was A Fun Way To Address The Issue

Boss Said I Wasn’t Using Enough Wet Floor Signs While Mopping

Someone At My Work Was Cheated On. He Brought All Of Her Shoes To Work

My Buddy Is A Dodgers Fan While I’m A Giants Fan. We Had A Friendly $20 Bet On Who Would Win The NLDS. Here Is The $20 I Will Be Giving Him On Monday

The Intern Gets Revenge

Give Rich A Scoop And He’ll Take The Whole Carton

My Coworker’s Solution To The Person Who Keeps Getting M&M’s Out Of The Vending Machine And Leaving The Wrappers Everywhere

A Year Ago My Fiancé Scared Me With A Cutout Of Austin Powers. Time For A Little Payback

I Cleaned The Entire Kitchen Except For This One Spot Where My Partner Spilled Sugar Two Days Ago And Left It

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