40 Durable Items That Stand The Test of Time

Explore 40 indestructible essentials that are made to last a lifetime.

“How I got a $1789 Miele vacuum on marketplace for $80”

“Will this kill me? Antique 1907 Thermos!”

“TIL that in Japan, they buy their child one backpack. That’s it, not one every year.”

“What a difference 8 years makes”

“Found this Vitamix sitting on a curb. $30 potentiometer and it works perfectly again.”

“So excited. Barbour Prestbury Wax Jacket for $23. The wax to care for this is more than I paid for the jacket.”

“Reusable ear bud. Had for 3 years. Going strong”

“$50 Herman Miller aeron stool , got from FB-Market place , how should I remove the sharpied name on the back ?”

“This thing has been telling me when my eggs are ready for nearly two decades now. I’m pretty sure it will outlive me.”

“Is this used 48” Sub Zero worth $1000?”

“Am I nuts, or have I ascended? I bought a 43 year old slightly used leather wallet for $100 that I hope will last til the big sleep.”

“Great find for $7.50”

“Three pairs of darn tough socks after one season at work”

“I have students that cannot read a regular clock. They asked “Is that from the 19’s?” I replied, “It’s older than your parents.””

“These have lived in my grandparents trunk my whole life now I get to pull them out at family gatherings.”

“2004 Tomtom GO with updated 2024 maps”

“An old neglected old wrench that I rescued. It’s still got a lot of life left in it.”

“It is with grave sorrow that I announce our 52 year old General Electric refrigerator has chilled its last grocery (defrost heater no longer available)”

“Ray-Ban’s quality control has fallen off a cliff”

“The Riddler has given me nearly 30 years of quality drinkware. I still use it to sip on some bourbon every night. McDonald’s just doesn’t make things like they used to”

“(BSA motorcycle) Same couple on the same motorbike in 1955 and 2015”

“A lady at the dump was just about to toss these. I asked about them and she gave them to me”

“Made in 1979 brand new in appliance store”

“My grandfather’s 1964 cub cadet he purchased new. He used it regularly up until the early 2000s. The family decided to get a full restoration done on it. After a year, it’s ready to go another lifetime.”

“32 Year Light Bulb Finally Dies”

“Good for you, your lawn and the environment”

“My mom bought this clothes hamper for me in 3rd grade. I’m 28 and still using it. Oh, and my son likes to play in it.”

“Clark Stopwatch. It caught my eye at a flea market. Paid $2 bucks. The timing is still dead on balls accurate.”

“32 years and counting- top left broiler is my favorite part”

“My dad owns a piano business (I work there occasionally helping him rebuild pianos) I just bought my first house and the same week he calls me and says he got me a present. A mover my dad knows was about to take this to the dump for someone but called my dad first and he nabbed it. 1892 Knabe”

“My Work Shoes (Crockett and Jones)”

“Fjallraven No.21 Rucksack”

“A palette knife I bought brand new more than 30 years ago — I created countless paintings with it.”

“I must’ve purchased this between 17-20 years ago… I don’t think it’ll break”

“I’ve been using this Klean Kanteen almost daily for about 15 years.”

“Just received my end game water bottle”

“HP LaserJet 1022, 19 years and counting.”

“BlendTec > Vitamix. I posted this several years ago and still blending strong. I got her in 2008!”

Source: www.reddit.com

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