42 Unbelievable In-Law Moments

A collection of the most awkward, cringeworthy, and unbelievable encounters with in-laws.

“Mother-In-Law Hires Someone To Throw Red Paint On Bride’s Dress”

“My Friend Has Been With Her Husband For 12 Years, And Her Mother-In-Law Still Does This On A Regular Basis”

“My Mother-In-Law’s Reaction To Us (Me, Girlfriend, And Daughter) Moving To Vegas. And When She Says “My Daughter” She Really Means Mine”

“My Wife’s Grandmother Passed Recently. This Is What My Sister-In-Law Allowed Her Son To Wear To The Funeral”

“My Sister-In-Law, Who Lives With My Wife And I, Regularly Finishes My Liquor Bottles And Doesn’t Replace Them”

“My sister-in-law regularly helps herself with my whisky. I don’t mind sharing, but I brought it up several times that if she’s going to drink more than me and finish the bottles, she needs to replace them.

The last time I brought it up, she flat-out lied to my face and said she didn’t do it. (My wife rarely drinks and doesn’t drink whisky). Now, I’m just going to hide my bottles.”

“My Mother-In-Law Cut My Son’s Hair Without Asking

“I’m A Financially Struggling Terminal Cancer Patient And This Is What My Mother-In-Law Got Us For Christmas”

“I Battled Alcoholism For Years. I Quit Drinking 19 Months Ago. Today I Received This At My In-Laws’ Christmas Party”

“When Your Grown Brother-In-Law Doesn’t Want To Clean His Dishes”

“My Brother-In-Law Is Living With Us, This Is His Room”

“My Sister-In-Law Lives With Us And Uses Our Things. This Is How She Leaves My Peloton After Use. She’s Not A Child She’s In Her 30s And Conversations Go In One Ear And Out The Other”

“My Mother-In-Law Started The Dishwasher For Us When We Were Away. She Used Dish Soap”

“My Mother-In-Law Parked On My Rain-Soaked Grass, Then Spun Tires Relentlessly Trying To Get Out. What The Hell”

“Mother-In-Law Leaves The Refrigerator Door Open The Whole Time She Cooks”

“My In-Laws Are Monsters”

“Mother-In-Law Melted Kettle I’ve Had For 15 Years To The Stove. How Do I Get It Off?”

“Oh God, Why? My In-Laws Do This With Every Carton Of Milk”

“My Brother-In-Law Decided To Cook Up Some Steaks On My Grill But Forgot To Pull It Out”

“My Mother-In-Law Always Adjusts All Our Hanging Pictures When She Visits. Always Makes Them Crooked”

“Mother-In-Law Steals Hair Stylist, So The Bride Has To Do Her Own”

“My Almost Mother-In-Law Just Showed Me The Dress She Will Be Wearing To My Wedding In Two Months”

“Mother-In-Law Sterilized My Daughter’s Bottles In A Pot Of Boiling Water… And Forgot About It”

“Apparently The Stove Is So Dirty It’s Going To Give My Mother-In-Law A Staph Infection”

“Just before anyone asks, I did not touch or clean the stove from the point when she said it was so dirty it might kill her, I’m just so done with this woman y’all.”

“My Wonderful Mother-In-Law, Karen”

“My Sister-In-Law Cuts From The Middle Of Dishes”

“My Sister Got Married And Her Mother-In-Law Decided To Get A Bigger Wedding Cake Than Our Mom’s Self-Made. It’s Not The Biggest Drama, But It Overshadowed The Ceremony”

“My Mother-In-Law Told Me That She Had A Bottle Of Children’s Tylenol When There Was A Shortage. I Looked At The Package While At Her House Today. It Expired 22 Years Ago”

“My Mother-In-Law Picked My First Strawberry”

“I have been very carefully watching my first ever strawberry that I grew from seed. My mother-in-law was watching my kiddo this afternoon and picked it early and ate it. I am irrationally upset. I know there will be others soon but I had really been looking forward to enjoying the literal fruits of my labor.”

“Stuck In A Parking Space Because My Brother-In-Law Set His Tesla To Do A Software Update At 10:30 PM”

“Twinning Bride And Mother-In-Law”

“It’s been said you can’t outshine an Indian bride (true) but there are SOME rules to follow like maybe, don’t wear a bridal lehenga like your new daughter-in-law.”

“My Sister-In-Law Put My Electric Moka On The Stove”

“Mother-In-Law Is Against Letting Us Get Milk For Her Grandchild. We Live With Her And She Set Schedules For Us To Use The Kitchen”

“The Way My Girlfriend’s Brother And Sister-In-Law Maintain Their Tube Of Toothpaste”

“How My Mother-In-Law Loads The Dishwasher”

“Strange Things My Mother-In-Law Do”

“Someone posted a few days ago about passive-aggressive things in-laws do while at your house. So I thought I’d share the life-sized fireplace my Mother-in-law stuck to our wall where she thinks something is lacking. Excuse the brown wallpaper, it came with the house!”

“Where My Mother-In-Law Left My Toddler’s Uneaten Banana”

“This Is How My Brother-In-Law Left The Kitchen Sink When I Got Home”

“My Infuriating In-Laws (Those Were Clean Dishes)”

“At The In-Laws For Christmas, “Just Pop Something On The Telly, The Remotes Are On The TV Stand””

“My Sister-In-Law And Brother Broke My Chair And Hid It With Towels Instead Of Telling Me”

“My In-Laws Are Visiting And This Is How My Father-In-Law Uses A New Stick Of Butter For His Morning Toast”

“My Brother-In-Law Was Wondering Why His Dryer Wasn’t Working Very Well”

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