Ocoee Dog Trainers Providing Help for a Dog That Won’t Quit Leash Pulling

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend but that can only be true of well-trained dogs. If you happen to get a stray or wild dog that that grew up on its own without a home or owner, they may not necessarily be your best friend as they may cause more problems for you than any good they may do you.

Training a dog entails applying different methods based on behaviour analysis to teach it how to obey commands and cues and also modify its behaviour.  These methods often include finding a trigger for behaviour and meting out consequences for behaviour. Dogs have been trained for specific roles from way back in time but training them to be well-behaved as household pets is as recent as the 1950s.

You can either undertake canine training by yourself or outsource to an expert. There are well-known names in the dog training world such as Matt Smith but you may not have access to such individuals. However, you can get access to people that they have trained or canine training schools that apply principles that they have developed to train dogs with different issues and problems.

In this article, we will examine tips that can help you get your pet to stop pulling on its leash and how to choose the best trainer for your canine.

Why Dogs Should be on Leash

It is important that your dog is on a leash when in public for the following reasons:

  1. You obey the law because it is mandatory for dogs to be on leash when in public.
  2. It prevents your pet from trespassing on people’s property or jumping on people in public.
  3. It helps you restrain your pet from sniffing on unhealthy stuff when you take it out for a walk thereby preventing the spread of disease.
  4. It protects your canine from traffic hazards and accidents caused by unrestrained animals.
  5. It reflects positively on you as the owner.
  6. You can easily relocate and transition the dog to another household.
  7. It helps to identify the dog as having an owner and not a stray.

You can visit this site https://www.ocoee.org/425/Leash-Law to find out the leash law in the city of Ocoee.

Tips for a Dog that Won’t Stop Pulling on its Leash 

We have already shared some reasons why dogs need to be on leash whenever you are in public. However, it is a known fact that most owners have encountered the problem of leash pulling with their pet. Experts have postulated different ways of getting your dog to quit this habit and we share them below:

  1. Always Reward Good Behaviour – Learn how to reward your pet when it walks politely without tugging or biting the leash. Dogs will always repeat actions that are rewarded so reinforce good behaviour by giving them treats or allowing them to sniff on some interesting stuff on the walk.
  2. Don’t Walk When they are Pulling the Leash – Once your canine starts pulling its leash, stop walking. Ensure that it registers that as long as it is pulling the leash, there will be no walking. This will help the dog to imbibe the discipline of walking at your pace.
  3. Be Consistent – When you are trying to get your pet to stop pulling its lead, you must be consistent. Do not waver in the signals you send; this means that you note the method you have chosen to use and stick to it all times.
  4. Always Walk at a Good Pace – When taking your dog out for a walk, ensure that you do so at a good pace. Do not dawdle as this will encourage lead pulling.

Getting Professional Help 

Sometimes, you may not have the time or patience (or both) to train your dog and may need professional help. That is actually a good step to take instead of struggling on your own. However, you need to carefully select the person to choose for this process.

The following are tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Look out for the Qualification of the Trainer – Click here to find out the requirements and certifications to look out for.
  2. Find out the method they use for the training
  3. Check out testimonials and reviews from past clients
  4. How transparent are they in their processes?
  5. Find out whether they are members of any professional body
  6. Look out for experience
  7. Ask for reference


When seeking solution to lead pulling by your dog, you need to be deliberate in looking out for and choosing the best option for your pet. Ensure that you look out for and choose someone that will not damage the psyche of your pet.

We have shared some tips to help you but most important of all is that you follow your instincts and watch out for a trainer that your dog trust. Once your dog exhibits distrust for any trainer, do not go ahead with that person.

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