17 Epic Fails That Made History

These incredible blunders showcase the moments when things went spectacularly wrong, leaving a lasting impact on the world. Imagine the jaw-dropping decisions and unexpected outcomes that have shaped history in surprising ways.

1.Some guy introduced rabbits to Australia in 1788 so that he could hunt them for sport.

2.“20th Century Fox let George Lucas keep all the merchandising rights for Star Wars because they thought it would be a giant flop and no one would watch it.” “George Lucas is now worth 5.3 billion dollars.”

3.The wrong turn that driver made in 1914.

Vitruvius not see the potential of steam to Move things with the Heron Engine. Only saw it as an amusing toy. The Steam Age and Industrial Revolution could of happened in 1st Century Greece.

4.Corporations are people. Money is speech.

These simple assertions have guided America toward more greed and more war than any other decision in history. It has set us on the path towards far worse ends than most other single events.

5.A governor of the Khwarazmian Empire killed a peaceful emissary from a neighboring empire, who had been sent to establish trade relations and political connections between the two powers.

The emissary was sent by Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan replied by invading the Khwarazmian Empire, obliterating everything in his path, burning basically the entire thing to the ground, and then destroying any record of the Khwarazmian Empire that he could find. He finished all of this off by diverting the river that fed the country water, causing the land where the empire once stood to become a dry and barren wasteland. Possibly one of the biggest mess ups in history.

6.So that one fish decided to try what happens when you leave the water.. That’s when it really started to go downhill!

7.In 1350, the Scots heard that England was having a spot of trouble with the bubonic plague, and decided to launch an invasion that would take advantage of the English, who were dropping like flies and would thus be easy pickings. The Scots invading army lost 5000 men to the plague in very short order. They decided to cut their losses and fall back to Scotland to be safe. Of course they brought the great plague with them, which devastated Scotland too.

8.I think the best political f**k-up happened in 1984 when New Zealand’s arrogant prime minister got drunk in his office late one night and called a snap election in two week’s time. His government was voted out. It became known as the Schnapps Election.

9.Blockbuster not buying Netflix.

10.Not the worst, but that incident where they sent out an emergency alert saying “inbound ballistic missile threat to Hawaii. This is not a drill” always sticks out in my mind. People were seeking shelter in manholes, and it took them 45 minutes to send out a follow up alert saying “just kidding. Everything is ok”. I can’t even imagine.

11.“Mao’s push to have farmers in China produce their own steel using backyard furnaces, which lead to a wacky chain reaction eventually leading to a famine that killed millions.”

“Mao also ordered the extermination of sparrows in an attempt to protect grain crops. Millions of sparrows were killed, allowing locusts to proliferate.

“The locusts consumed so many crops that there was widespread famine and 45 million people died.”

12.Chernobyl! Only a f**k-up of epic proportions can cause a nuclear incident while doing a safety test! April 26th! The Anniversary of the accident is today.

13.Yahoo not buying Google.

14.In retail history, probably Sears not realizing that they were basically Amazon before Amazon. Mail order with warehouses all over the United States. How could you improve that business model? Oh, the Internet you say? Never heard of it.

15.The IPCC decision to go with the more conservative climate change modeling in the 1980s.

Essentially the question at the time was ‘does heat accumulate at the poles, or does it dissipate into space’? They went with the dissipation models, even though they were in contradiction to geological evidence, because it had never been directly observed. And now, everything is ‘sooner than expected’ and ‘faster than anticipated.’

Yeah because you guys f****d up. The biggest f**k up in history, by orders of degrees. Haha.

16.Norway wanted to give Sweden 50% of our oil profits in exchange for 50% of Volvo. Sweden’s government said no as one of their ministers meant that “there is no future in oil”. Norway’s sovereign fund (the oil fund) can now purchase every single stock on the Swedish stock exchange and still have money left over.

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