17 Terrifying Archaeological Discoveries That Would Scare Indiana Jones

These eerie finds reveal the darker side of history, with artifacts and remains that tell unsettling stories. Imagine uncovering ancient curses, macabre relics, and mysterious ruins that send shivers down your spine.

1. The Screaming Mummy

The screaming mummy known as Man “E” was found bound in a screaming position. He was likely either burned alive or poisoned. Some think he might be Prince Pentewere, the son of Ramesses III, who was caught in a conspiracy to kill his father. But that is speculative.

2. The Grauballe Man Bog Body

European Peat Bogs have preserved many bodies, including this one of a man sacrificed in 400-200 BCE. He appears to be in pain at time of death, and has a broken leg and slit throat.

3. Mummy Juice

Three unearthed Egyptian mummies were found in a pool of murky brown and red liquid. The image led to numerous theories about the origin of the mysterious “mummy juice,” but it was most likely just sewage water.

4. Otzi the Iceman

Otzi is the oldest preserved human body at around 5300 years old. Discovered in glacial ice in northern Italy, he has a fatal arrow wound to the shoulder, and a bashed skull. He was likely on the run in the mountains before his murder. There is also believed to be an “Otzi curse,” as several people involved in his discovery died.

5. Palaio Faliro Skeletons

This mass grave of at least 80 chained skeletons in Palaio Faliro shows a large scale execution of otherwise healthy young men in 7th century BCE Athens. It is theorized they were the followers of Cylon, an olympic champion who attempted a failed coup and whose followers were executed according to Thucydides.

6. Gassed Persian Soldier

The Persians and Romans each dug tunnels under the city of Dura while fighting. After discovering Roman tunnels, Persians released noxious petrochemical smoke into the tunnels which can destroy lungs. This Persian corpse appears to have succumbed to his own side’s attack, and appears to be frantically trying to remove his armor at time of death.

7. Vampires

This Polish skeleton has a sickle placed around its neck to decapitate the body should it rise from the dead as a vampire.

8. Neanderthal Cannibals

Bones from 40,000 years ago suggest that Neanderthals were cannibals when necessary.

9. Pit of Remains

Bones over 5,000 years old were found in a pit in France. All showed signs of trauma, and included severed body parts from infants and grown adults alike.

10. Aztec Skull Towers

Discovered at Tenochtitlan, towers and racks of skulls were discovered around temples. These just further emphasize the terrifying scale of Aztec human sacrifices.

11. Aztec Skull Mask

12. Zombie Tumor

The 1,600-year-old skeleton of a Romanian woman contained a tumor in her ovaries. But thanks to human egg cells, the tumor grew a few human features like these visible teeth.

13. Kenyan War Atrocities

A 10,000-year-old dig site in Kenya revealed dozens of bodies with horrible blunt force trauma and mutilations, including men, women, and children. It was likely the result of ancient warfare.

14. Oldest Murder

Possibly the oldest discoverable murder victim, this 430,000-year-old Spanish skull has a wound through the forehead.

15. Incan Child

This 7-year-old Incan child was found mummified as part of a child sacrifice ritual called capacocha.

16. Decapitated Gladiator

Bones of gladiators or soldiers were found decapitated in York, England. Living from 400-200 BCE, the men all died before the age of 45, with their heads buried alongside the bodies.

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